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U.S. Strategically Places Troops to Fort Drum, New York

The 10th Mountain division(consiting of 10,000 thousand troops), has been based at Fort Drum in New York State, close to the Canadian border. One respected analyst has come up with a therory that the U.S. have positioned troops here to, in the event of a crisis in Canada(ie. Seperation of Quebec), seize the Canadian Forces communications center in Kingston, Ontario, therfore making the Military without contact with other bases(rendering it almost completly useless),then cutting off Hwy. 401 and Hwy. 2 to prevent any reinforcements to defend Toronto or Ottawa, and eventually seizing Ottawa, and taking control of the country.
However, this could be stopped by Canadian Forces, but the unit that could have stoped it, the Airborne, has been dispanded.
U.S. officials now decline from talking about what Fort Drum is used for.
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